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JJN Construction is a full service residential and commercial .
Design & Build company.  We believe success is best  achieved through a team effort .We have formed strategic partnerships with architects engineers plumber. Electrics. carpenters as well as many other professionals and craftsmen .to provide our customers a one stop shop for all of their custom remodeling and prepared to help with any commercial & residential project-custom-built homes . Additions. Remodeling and Renovations.

Everyone at JJN Construction is committed to the three pillars on which are business our business is based: Integrity. 

Excellent and Service. Thinking of a home improvement project ?

Give us a call .and we will design and build your dream with quality craftsmanship at a fair price .



However , if you plan to stay in your house for a while,
you may choose to make changes that enhance
your home's functionality and convenience as well as
satisfying your aesthetic tastes.

Options are Limitless. And if that full marble bath makes
you happy, go for it.

Adding on a kitchen. bathroom, or study can be a simple and
inexpensive way to improve your home and your way of life .
bathroom in shifts. if the kids each had their own rooms,
they would have nothing to argue about (nice try ! ).




Home  Additions 

The possibilities are Limited only by you imagination. and of course the bank that's holding the note.  Ways of adding useful space to your home include.  Vertical Development projects  (e.g, Finished basement or adding a level to your home) and   Horizontal Development (e.g, Decks and Home extensions)   

Improve Resale Value  Whether you're considering adding more square footage to   our house by building an extension or just reconfiguring existing space to  accommodate a new bathroom. home additions can be an effective way  to gain a more functionality to your home as well as improve resale value .  In today's market, few financial opportunities provide the potential   return on investment afforded by cost-effective, well-planned home improvmenents